Introduction of Biochemistry and Its Scope

“Bio”- life and “chemistry”- science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter or substance
Biochemistry can be defined as the science with the chemical basis of concerned life.
It is also the study of chemical process with in and relating to living organism.
It can also be defined as the chemical constituents of the living cells and with reaction and process they undergo.
It also covers large area of cell biology, molecular biology and molecular genetics.

The term biochemistry was introduce by German chemist Carl Neuberg in 1903.

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Scope and Importance of Bio-chemistry
Modern bio-chemistry has two branches:
1.Descriptive bio-chemistry
2.Dynamic bio-chemistry
Descriptive bio-chemistry
It deals with the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of various self components.
Dynamic bio-chemistry
  •          It deals with the clarification of the nature and the mechanism of the reactions involving this chemical compositions.
  •          Many newer branches have been emerged from the bio-chemistry such as Enzymology ( study of enzymes) Endocrinology ( study of endocrine glands) clinical bio-chemistry, molecular bio-chemistry (study of bio molecular and their functions).
  •          There is great importance of biochemistry in health science like in clinical diagnosis of the disease, manufacture of various biological products, treatment of diseases.
  •          It is also used in nutrition, agriculture, nursing, animal husbandry.
  •          It helps to understand the biochemical change and related physiological alternation in the body. Pathology of any disease can be studied through biochemical changes based on the symptoms described by the patient  e.g. if a patient complains about stiffness in joints the physician may be predict it to be gout and get confirm by uric acid in the blood level.
  •          In present scenario people rely on taking multi vitamin and minerals for the       betterment of their health.
                                 e.g. TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
                                         T3    Thyroxine
                                         T4    Trido-thyroxine
In Nursing clinical biochemistry is invaluable for the treatment of diseases. For e.g.
1. kidney disorder: urine test helps to understand the extend of excretion of drugs or other metabolites changes in PH, color of urine.
2.In diabetes blood glucose level above 150mg/dl signifies the severity of diabetes.
3.Liver function test(LFT) helps to understand weather the lives is functioning well or not and help to understand the type of disease or liver damage, the effect of any medication.
4.Evaluation of blood cholesterol and other lepo-protein helps to understand the proness or risk of patient to the cardiovascular diseases.
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